Halloween Circuit Training

Over the Halloween season it’s not uncommon to consume excess calories. This wicked core workout will scare off those calorific demons – all you need is motivation and a pumpkin.

‘MoreFit Halloween Circuit Training’ 

  • 5 exercises done back-to-back
  • For complete beginners make sure you take 15-30 seconds rest between exercises


  • 60 seconds rest in between sets for advanced
  • 90 sec for intermediate
  • 120 sec rest for beginners

Sets – Control your movement in every exercise and repeat the circuit according to your level

  • Beginners: repeat 2 times
  • Intermediate: repeat 3 times
  • Advanced repeat: repeat 4 times

Equipment needed

  • Beginners: 1 X pumpkin
  • Feeling brave: 1x large pumpkin


1. Scary Sumo Squat with Pumpkin Over Head Reach 

  • How many: 15 reps
  • Instructions: Keep your back straight, legs wide, toes turned out. Keep your chest up without rolling your back on the way down. Use the pumpkin for resistance to push yourself!
  • Main muscles: Legs & Arms

MoreFit Halloween Workout - Scary Sumo Squat










2. Pumpkin Plank with Hand Switch  

  • How many: 6 each hand
  • Instructions: Keep your body flat and your core tight making sure your stomach doesn’t sag down or your back arch up. Use knees if necessary.
  • Main muscles: Core, Triceps, Chest & Shoulders

MoreFit Halloween Workout - Pumpkin Plank










3. Haunted Alternating Lunge with Pumpkin Hold 

  • How many: 12 lunges in total
  • Instructions: Keep upper body straight, shoulders back and engage your core. Step forward, lower hips to a 90 degree angle.
  • Main muscles: Legs, Core & Arms

MoreFit Halloween Workout - Haunted alternating lunge









4. Spooky Sit Up with Elevated Pumpkin

  • How many: 15 reps
  • Instructions: Place feet flat on the ground with back on the floor holding the pumpkin straight in the air. Tighten core and pull up from the floor maintaining the arm elevation.
  • Main muscles: Core & Arms

MoreFit Halloween Workout - Spooky Sit-Up










5. Frightful Push Up on Pumpkin

  • How many: 4-8 reps
  • Instructions: Hands firmly on the pumpkin. Make sure you get you elbows in and chest right down. Use knees if necessary. This is a very difficult exercise – leave out if it’s too hard!
  • Main muscles: Triceps, Chest & Core

MoreFit Halloween Workout - Frightful Push Up



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