Hydration is key – 5 reasons why you should drink water

One of the main building blocks for life is water, and you should be aware of how important it is to keep yourself hydrated even when you aren’t training or being active. The average daily water intake for a man is about three litres and just over 2L for a woman. But hydration isn’t the only benefit you’ll experience from drinking that much – your general health should improve as well.

The Japanese believe water has strong health properties. They believe that drinking 600ml of water every morning as soon as you wake up will bring you greater longevity. With the highest life expectancy and over 50,000 people over the age of 100 they may be onto something!

Here’s some obvious reasons why we should drink water first thing in the morning

70% of the human body content is water, which means we need lots of it.
82% of blood consists of water.
The human brain cells contain about 85% of water.
75% of muscles are water
Bones also contain about 25% water

My 5 Top Reasons

Overall health

As stated above, we are made mainly of water. So where are we getting it from? Making sure we are well hydrated will make our whole system ready to take on any task we undertake.

Increase your energy levels

In general, dehydration leads to fatigue, which slowly eats away at your bodily functions you need to get through the day. The more water you drink, the more awake and alert you’ll feel.

Lessen the need for other calories

A useful trick I use with my clients is telling them to drink a glass of water before every meal so that your brain doesn’t confuse your thirst signals for hunger. It also fills your stomach up leading you to be less likely to consume so much food. It’s a great technique and works well with my clients.

Calories are finite so don’t drink them

I find that in this calorie dense modern world we lead its really easy to consume too much and put weight on, so one of my main rules is to never drink my calories. People have enough problems with eating too many calories without having to be drinking them, fizzy drinks, fruit juices and alcohol are laden with calories and we should generally use the rule- water only, unless I need a sports drink during sport or if I’m socialising drinking alcohol.

Detoxify the system

Water helps to keep everything moving, helps the lymphatic system to work, the blood system to work as well as the digestive tract and colon. If you’re dehydrated these systems can slow down and certain systems can come to a stop causing you to be sluggish, get ill and have low energy. So remembers you have water targets on a daily basis and start drinking. The Japanese do it and they’re not doing too bad health wise.

Water targets 

A simple water consumption target equation I use the following method for my clients

1 kg of body mass x 0.035ml

So if you’re 100 kgs you should drink 3.5lts

If you’re 50 kgs you should drink 1.75 lts

Most people simply don’t drink enough to keep their systems hydrated. Make sure you’re getting your daily fix of the good stuff and feel the difference it makes to your vitality!

Ed Parker

Morefit’s Spring Clean Challenge

Why not take up our “Spring Clean Challenge”?

Forget the cupboards, this spring we’re looking at changing some behaviours that really affect you when it comes to mental health, energy, concentration, body shape and confidence. You have to change the way you do things if you want to make changes in your life and get to where you want to be.

1. Eat Clean

Follow these three easy steps to make your diet cleaner:

Go Natural

Cut out the processed foods and focus on eating a variety of foods that will ensure you receive the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals and fibre to to nourish your body. Eat lean protein, good fats and good carbs that your body thrives on and really give your system quality fuel.

Cut out refined sugar products

Chocolates, crisps, cakes, fizzy drinks, juices, doughnuts blah blah blah – this list goes on and on and these are literally everywhere. Avoid them like the plague. Sugar is highly addictive, extremely bad for your overall health and plays havoc with your energy levels and waistline.

Drink more water

Simply drink roughly 3 litres for men and 2 litres for women. Add some lemon and 1/2 teaspoon and 0.5 g-1 g of Himalayan salt to warm water first thing in the morning to reduce the acidity of your system, detoxify, improve skin, hydrate, and improve blood sugar levels and metabolism.

2. Reduce alcohol

Drinking can easily become a habit. Do you really need to be drinking on a Monday or Tuesday night. Do you need to be drinking alone? How much are you drinking? How much toll is taking on your mind, energy, pocket and body shape? Do you know the total calories you’re drinking in alcohol alone?

Take a break from alcohol and see how reducing sugar and reducing alcohol can dramatically change your body shape. Start one day at a time and see how you get on. If you fall off the wagon then just start again.

If you cut down on alcohol, you’ll be more inclined to feel like doing parts 1 and 3 of our spring clean and you’ll reap more benefits. It has enormous knock-on effects for motivation, mental health and concentration levels.

3. Exercise more

If you practise the above two points you’ll feel more energised. You’ll feel lighter and more inclined to exercise. You can shift weight and see obvious changes in body shape. Your mental clarity will improve as will energy, skin condition, confidence and self esteem.

Typically for optimal health we would say to exercise 3-5 hours a week. So what are you doing to get yourself into this bracket? By creating a window where you have more consistent energy from drinking less and eating more naturally and cutting out poor sugar choices – you’ll have more inclination and energy to exercise more.

Whether it’s with your personal trainer or in your gym, outdoors or in your bedroom you have to strategise and push yourself to get maximum results.
So – this is our SPRING CLEAN CHALLENGE. Commit yourself to a health and mental spring clean by changing your diet, increasing your exercise and cutting out the booze.  It only takes 3 weeks to establish new habits and if you do our internal spring clean, you may just be looking hotter for Summer!

The Power of Small Group Personal Training

The Power of Small Group Personal Training

A year or so ago my wife mentioned that her friend was doing a thing called ‘small group PT’ in Australia and I sort of dismissed it foolishly, laughing it off, saying “How can it be personal when its in groups!?”
And that’s a valid point on the face of it. Then I read some more articles about it and thought more about it.
I realised that there are quite a few aspects of personal training you can incorporate into small group PT. Running through these I found that not only can we tailor make sessions like in a 1-2-1, we can actually make the sessions more powerful through changes in group dynamics and give the clients more reasons to stay. Here is what I found.

Affordable Cost

Having been running studios now for 4 years I know all about the trials of constantly looking for new clients to offer our services to. Our first studio wasn’t in the most economically rich area and we found that the clients were low in number. However, we have a great product with great trainers so we did well. But we never did amazingly well. We never had multiples of people enquiring about us on a daily basis. Small Group PT allows our clients to spread the cost, have slightly shorter sessions and make it more accessible to larger portions of the population.

Our traditional 1-2-1 product would cost £40-50 p/h which is a fair price but changing the price for SGPT we realised we could cut the cost down to £15-£20 a session to work in smaller groups of 2-3 people.

Win-Win Accountability

One of the largest factors for the popularity and effectiveness of personal training is that you’re accountable to your trainer which means you have a voice on your shoulder trying to get you to make better choices. It’s easy to fall into poor exercise and nutritional routines if you have no one to be accountable too. This accountability is achieved when working in a small studio where there are 3-4 trainers on rotation as they will be seeing the same clients regularly on rotation and still have time to discuss how their health planning is going.

Also there is greater accountability in SGPT as you start to have accountability to your compatriots that you’re working with – people who are moving in the same direction as you. As SGPT has a minimum amount of attendees required to make a session go ahead (in our case 2) people sometimes take the phone number of the person they’re training with and text each other. They talk, become friends and as they have the same goals they become accountable to each other. This is an extremely  powerful aspect of this type of training. This then builds greater community and leads to greater retention of clients and improves their results all round. It’s a win-win situation.

Session Dynamics

Again, in 1-2-1 PT results can stagnate as the client/trainer relationship start to get too familiar. The client can resist a bit too much or the trainer can become wrapped around the clients finger. These are conditions that lead to poor results. In SGPT, clients work in different ways depending on the fitness levels of each client and the personality type.

For instance, if you have a competitive person in there and they’re training with someone who’s fitter than them, not only do they have someone to aspire to, they also have someone that they can try to beat in every exercise, turning it into a competition. But for the person who is fitter, they will be being “chased” and know that this person is trying to beat them. Having already been singled out by the trainer as being the fittest, they will want to maintain their status thus working harder to stay in front – or will have to work harder to do the extra exercises that the trainer has singled out for them! The least fit person in a 3-person group will have aspirations to get there and will be coached carefully to get them reach their aspirations!

In other types of group dynamics, you have people encouraging each other, people leading by example and even people helping each other. All improving the community and accountability properties.

Services offered in SGPT that are the same or similar to 1-2-1

  • Online body states measuring – using our online Trainerize app we log body weight, body fat, circumferences, and take photos to record and keep the clients accountable
  • Personal Bests – like in 1-2-1 training it’s important to be pushing to the max on every discipline. We test, monitor and record these results using our online Trainerize app so that we can keep pushing forward and so that the client can use this results so that if they are training themselves they can see what targets they should be hitting. The app also provides videos of the said exercise so they know what they’re doing.
  • Nutrition – Diet sheets are given to our clients and macros are suggested for training and non-training days. We work on the ‘process of the month’ which is a lifestyle change written on the black board that we will try and coach for the whole month so that people can try solidify the process into their lifestyle for good. This month we’ve got, ‘Cut down on processed food’. Next we’re working on alcohol consumption.

So to summarise, I truly now believe in the power of small group PT and believe it can actually yield similar if not better results than 1-2-1 PT. So much so that after having launched it so successfully in our Cannon Street Studio I then launched it in our original studio which has been doing 1-2-1 solely for 4 years. And it’s had a brilliant uptake of new clients who are buying into the power of SGPT and rightly so.

If you want to try out our SGPT for FREE go to www.morefit.co.uk and register for a free session. You can get free sessions in both our City Studio and North London Studio.

Come and feel the power of SGPT unleashed on you.