Do you know your shit?

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For most of us inspecting our poo is best left to the faecally obsessed celebrity “Dr” Gillingham McKieth. However, your poo may give you a few clues about how healthy your diet and gut health is.

4 things to look out for:

  1. It is important to eat a good balance of soluble and insoluble fibre, this is best consumed through good quality organic fruit and vegetables (make sure these are not over cooked). Your poo should be floaty if you are consuming the right amount of good quality fibre.
  2. Are you eating too much meat. Consumption of too much poor quality meat can easily be identified through bad smelling poo. Now obviously, all poo smells pretty bad, but a healthy stool should be “earthy” not off putting in smell.
  3. Are you eating enough good quality fats? Good quality fats from oil fish, nuts, seeds, oils and some veg are important for good gut health. Too many hydrogenated fats will lead to bad smelling stools and also a lack of firm shape.
  4. Are you drinking enough water? It is important to keep yourself hydrated as if you don’t and your body will try to reabsorb water from your poo, which I’m sure is something none of us want to consider.

On average people should pass about a foot of poo over a day. This should be light brown, floaty, earthy and not unpleasant in smell, well formed and easy to pass.

Finally, you should be aware that your poo does not just reflect your dietary habits but may also be an indication of, the function of your stomach and colon, the state of your mental health, your gut health with regards to good bacteria, fungal infection or parasites, your body’s response to exercise, and possible dietary intolerances.


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