What Is Bulletproof Yoga?

Hint: it’s not singing La Roux while in pincha mayurasana (although we did ask). Bulletproof Yoga  is coming to MoreYoga and we’re pleased as punch. But what exactly is it?

Bulletproof Yoga is an advanced programme, designed for those practising for two years or more. Expect joint-strenghtening, mobility training and advice on keeping your body safe. Powerful mobility techniques based on scientific research will rev up your practice – if you want to “float” through poses (rather than thud unceremoniously to the ground), Bulletproof is the place to be.

 Bulletproof Yogi, Katy Hooks, draws on her experience as a Functional Range Conditioning®  mobility specialist to guide you through a challenging class that will help you to power up your jump-throughs, improve your backbends and prepare you for inversions. Many professional athletes and doctors now use this system! Yes, we know it’s fancy.

This cutting edge class will start on Wednesdays at 5.15 at our Finsbury Park studio. We can’t promise La Roux, but we can promise a meaty challenge!

There’s also a cheeky workshop on June 3rd here!

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