How To Help A Partner With Inversions

Inversions can be tricky – whether it’s building up the strength to hold the position or a mental block due to fear of falling, the journey to getting upside down can have many obstacles. What better way to overcome them than with the help of a yogi friend?

If you’ve ever watched someone spot for their partner, it can seem a little intimidating (cue visions of dropping your partner, being knocked over by them etc.). However, with a few key tips, you and your partner will be doing safely supported handstands in no time!

Show your partner which leg you’re coming up with. Because no one wants to be kicked in the face, but most people will confuse their left and right when they’re upside down. Lift the leg you’re going up with halfway first so your partner knows which one to avoid.

Hold onto your partner’s hips, not your legs. This way, you can give support by taking the weight of their hips (the heaviest part of your body) rather than trapping them in an inversion by holding the legs. There’s nothing like being held by your legs with no choice to go down to induce inversion panic!

Use your knees. Your knees are a great place for your partner to rest their shoulders and take on some weight. This also makes it easier on you in terms of distrubuting your weight. Placing your feet in the right place might take a couple of tries but the more you practice, the more you’ll get a feel for it.

Help your partner down, as well as up. When your partner is ready to go down, don’t just let them come crashing to the floor. Keep your hands on their hips and feel the pelvis pivot as their legs come down to the floor. Your friend will thank you for saving them from certain doom.

Try it out with a partner – you’ll be amazed at what you can do. If you’re practising handstands, try this awesome wrist warm-up sequence to keep your joints safe.

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