How To Set Up A Daily Meditation Habit

Meditation can be the most challenging part of your yoga practice, especially if you’re already an overthinker. While sitting still for five minutes might seem simple, for many of us it can cause frustration, boredom and impatience. Here are some tips to get you on track.

Recognise that you won’t reach nirvana on day one

You will have days where you are thinking about what you’re going to eat for breakfast the whole time you’re meditating – that’s ok! It takes practice to hold your focus for so long. Don’t beat yourself up for not being zen immediately!

Download an app

Meditating isn’t the easiest thing to do independently – if you’re having trouble focusing, there are plenty of apps online that offer guided meditation tracks. Be aware that your focus could be different on different days, too – just because you’re normally able to focus independently for fifteen minutes doesn’t mean you won’t struggle to do a guided meditation for five minutes on another day.

Prioritise your daily routine

If you’ve got time to make yourself coffee, do make up and hair, and scroll through Instagram in the morning – you’ve got time to meditate. Make meditating a priority – just like brushing your teeth – and set a time that suits you. Meditating in the morning sets you up for a less stressful day ahead, whereas evening meditation will give you an amazing night’s sleep. Who know, eventually you might be meditating twice a day!

If you stop – just start again

Just because you forgot to meditate for a week doesn’t mean you should punish yourself or tell yourself off  – just start again when you can. Meditation, much like yoga, is a personal journey. No one can tell you how to run your mindfulness practice except yourself!


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