The King of All Asana: Why You Should Be Headstanding Every Day

Whether you love it or hate it, sirsa asana brings a whole raft of physical and mental benefits. Here’s why a headstand a day could keep the doctor away!

Improved focus

Never mind all the blood rushing to your head – there’s nothing better to make you focus thatn balancing upside down!

Strengthened shoulders and arms

The constant tiny adjustments you make to maintain balance in your headstand are amazingly strengthening for your upper body.

Improved digestion

Reversing the digestive system through the effect of gravity can alleviate many uncomfortable symptoms such as trapped gas and constipation.

Stronger core

Holding your legs upright in a headstand is a major core workout – and if you’ve ever been told to engage youe mula bandha  you know this is key to a great yoga practice!

A different perspective

Literally! Turning your world upside down can give you a fresh look at things that are bothering you. A headstand on a stressful day can change everything!

Not feeling headstand? Go for a different inversion such as shoulder stand, or hang your legs up a wall to get the same great benefits! If you’re beginning to learn headstand, you can always use a wall as a safety net while you work on your balance.

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