Things Not To Do At Your First Yoga Class

A headstand. 

Seriously. It’s OK not to do a headstand, even if the 24 other yogis in the room are all upside down. While it is an awesome feeling to nail a tough looking asana, you’ll benefit more from spreading your attention across your whole practice rather than flinging yourself into an inversion.

Catch up on the week’s gossip.

While hushed conversations won’t disturb anyone, having a full on gossip-fest with your mate is bound to rustle someone’s chakras. You never know what kind of day your fellow yogis have had – feel free to talk to people but make sure you’re not cackling like Aunt June after a couple of brandies.


It’s not a sport! While there are yoga competitions, we can safely assume that the attendees of a 7pm Yin class are there to relax, not to compete. Listen to your own body, respect it, and be the only person sitting practically upright in a forward fold. They’re your hamstrings, damn it, and you’ll open them as slowly as you please!

“Float back into chaturanga.”

It always looks so graceful when your Rocket yoga teacher jumps back into chaturanga and lands with the lightness of a feather in the breeze. However, unless you’ve got some serious core strength and you can land without making the ground shake, avoid this until you build up your muscle.

Steal props.

This happens surprisingly often. You pick up a couple of blocks, but when you reach for it to support your Half Moon – egad! It’s gone! Everyone forgets to pick up a block at the beginning of class from time to time – just grab yourself one from the cupboard and get back to the mat. Do not try to sneakily pilfer your neightbours props (unless you do it by accident, which also happens a fair bit).

Listen to bitchy comments about your practice.

“Oh, can you not do wheel yet?” Sadly, there are a still a fair few competitive yogis out there – remember that this is your practice and no one else’s. It’s one thing to give constructive feedback on how to improve your practice, but if anyone is making you feel like you’re not ‘good at yoga’, they need to roll up their judgy mat and keep on walking. You’re in this for you!


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