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Watch and read our clients’ testimonials – their journeys and motivations for coming to MoreFit, and most, importantly, the success of their success both physically and mentally.

I’ve been coming to MoreFit for 3 years, originally to the Finsbury Park studio and now St Paul’s near my work. Been an interesting journey for me, it’s not just about fitness, its about your whole lifestyle which was the big eye-opener for me and that’s the bit you can’t get on your own at any gym. You need someone to give you the advice on training, diet, lifestyle, what you eat, when you eat. It’s also about how you train, you’ve got to be able to push yourself really hard, very difficult to do on your own…..Its been GREAT!


CTO in the City

I’ve been coming to MoreFit for 5 months. I originally came with very bad hip and pain up my sciatic nerve, couldn’t walk up stairs, had problems sleeping. Had one and off pain for about 3 years, physios have tried and failed. It was really about strengthening the core. Now I am pain free, I can go running again. I would definitely recommend MoreFit to my colleagues, friends, anyone out there who wants to get in shape and enjoy exercising. They really do motivate you and I look forward to exercising.


Recruitment Consultant, London

I came to MoreFit to get in shape for my wedding and that was almost three years ago. I intended to come for a short time but enjoyed it so much I carried on coming. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I weigh less than I probably ever have for a very long time. And I’m fitter than I’ve ever been. I was very unfit when I came here and the difference is amazing.



I’ve been with MoreFit a number of years. It works very well for me in terms of commitment, it gives me the edge I need to train. You get good advice on diet, fitness levels and training programs. Works very well for my schedule being in St Paul’s as I spend a lot of time in the City and West End. I would recommend MoreFit


Property Consultant, City of London

I’ve been with MoreFit since it opened and I’ve found it really helpful. I’m sure its helped with my bones, I have Osteoporosis and I’m now able to rush around much more than I did before. It’s also helped with my weight, the trainers are excellent, I’m much better than I was and I’ve enjoyed it.


Retired, Aged 72