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Body Transformation Programme

Train with us and receive your working guide to developing lasting healthy eating habits
and maintaining a training regime that will transform your body!

The “Get MoreFit” Body Plan

At MoreFit we’re serious about results. We know that the quickest way to reach your goals is through a well-structured fitness and nutrition regime that you are committed to 100%. So with that in mind, we’ve created a plan that will get you to your goals in the shortest time possible. Our plan includes a training schedule, motivational advice and optimum nutrition guide which, if followed with dedication, will transform your body in ways you’ve always dreamed of. Working closely with our trainers you will be completely immersed in the world of fitness and get real results that you can see in the mirror.

Conveniently located in three locations in North and Central London

The Ground Rules


Follow the 90/10 rule – this means 90% compliance with your diet, training plan and lifestyle. No plan will change you if you’re sticking to it half of the time!


Are you training hard enough? You have to be training at 75% – 85%+ in every session for optimal results. You get out what you put in. Train like a wimp, look like a wimp!


Who are you answering to? Check in regularly with these people. Have photos taken, take measurements with your trainer, surround yourself with positive like-minded people, compete with others – make sure someone is keeping an eye on you or you’ll start to slip!

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