HyperFit Classes at MoreFit Cannon Street

Metabolic Blaster

Think intervals, circuits, weights, kettlebells, barbells, ropes… think squats, presses, deadlifts, pulls, swings, jumps… everything!

The Metabolic Blaster session is all about Metabolic Conditioning. You may have heard of HIT or HIIT – high intensity (interval) training before…? OK, you are right, EVERYONE has heard or done a HIIT before! Every gym/studio you go has at least one HIIT class scheduled every day.

You will push your body to its limits using short rest periods and driving your metabolism through the roof so its effects will have you recovering for up to 72 hours, burning 100s of extra calories along the way!

* It’s challenging
* It’s super effective
* It’s awesome!

It is the best way to exercise to burn fat whilst maintaining lean muscle development.

In the past we thought the best way to get ‘rid off’ fat is to slave away doing hours of cardio in the low intensity ‘fat burning’ zone. Latest studies have shown we need to create metabolic disturbance and have our bodies do the fat burning after hard intense sweaty session for us!

What are you waiting for? Blast away the fat with this one!

Calories burned: up to 800 / up to 400 calories burned 72 hours after workout
Feel energetic after working out,

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Muscles used

  • Core Strength
  • Upper body
  • Lower Body