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MoreYoga Session Types

We have specifically designed a range of specialist sessions that set us apart from other studios and draw on the wealth of experience of our yoga team.

More Morning Flow

More Morning Flow is a soft, strong and beautiful sequence of yoga postures specifically designed to jump start your day. Prepare to wake the body up, linking breath with movement to really get your energy flowing. These morning classes will leave you happier, healthier and leaner with a much more positive outlook on the day to come.  All levels welcome.

More Vinyasa Flow

More Vinyasa Flow is a creative sequencing of yoga postures built around a set of surya namaskar (sun salutations). These sun salutations enable the body to build heat, endurance, flexibility, and also a lot of strength. This encourages the body to breathe more freely and align into the following postures with ease.  All levels welcome.

More Power Flow

A more advanced Vinyasa Flow class which introduces inversions, arm balances and more involved transitions. More Power Flow will challenge your practice but will always be presented in an accessible way for all levels (except complete beginners). Classes are creatively designed by our amazing instructors allowing them to feature their own styles and backgrounds so expect to work hard, play hard and get naturally high on yoga!

More Restorative & Meditation

Need to relax and unwind? Then this is the class to suit your mood. More Restorative and Meditation combines elements of Yin and traditional Hatha postures which are held for longer periods of time. This enables the body to gently stretch and heal the connective tissues easing you into relaxation and balance. Expect to finish the class in utter bliss with a mini meditation to calm the whole mind, whole body and whole soul - this one is not to be missed ! All levels welcome including students working with injury or sensitivity.

More Meditation

More Meditation is our signature meditation class which is the perfect way to relax, refocus and centre the mind and body. The class will start with gentle stretching and mobilisation of the hips, shoulders, neck and back which will be followed by seated meditation and finished with a blissful savasana which will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever London throws at you!

More Yin & Meditation

Yin yoga is all about 'simply being' with the asanas being held held for longer periods of time than usual (normally in-between 3-10 minutes). This time and space in your practice enables the body to gently stretch and heal the connective tissues while also toning, lengthening and refreshing the muscles all over the body. Expect to finish the class in utter bliss with a mini meditation and blissful savasana to calm the entire mind, body and soul. All levels welcome including students working with injury.

More Rocket Yoga

MoreRocket Yoga is a dynamic practice derived out of America by founder Larry Schultz during the 1980s. The sequence is rooted from the Ashtanga method but is way more fun with extra inversions including lots of handstand practice and generally more challenging asanas. Get ready to move throughout the entire sequence energising the body, the mind and the soul while also building strength, stretching and relaxing the entire system. Expect to hear some great tunes, sweat a lot and be energised, focused and calm for whatever the day throws at you!!!

More Jivamukti

Jivamukti is a challenging but also playful yoga sequence ideally suited for intermediate and advanced students but is also open to beginners keen to learn. It is a magical vinyasa flow based class of standing poses, seated postures, inversions, backbends and relaxation practiced in a constantly changing sequence creatively designed by the teacher to keep it fresh and lively. Expect amazing hands-on adjustments, meditation, chanting and always uplifting and inspiring music.

More Yogasana

Yogasana is a powerful moving meditation which includes a breath set, a mind set, a senses set and a body set. A Vinyasa flow based sequence that is physically, mentally and spiritually binding taught selflessly with devotion. Expect a strong focus on breath and some very hands on adjustments as alignment is essential to this class.
Yogasana is an ancient science and is taught at More Yoga by practitioners of Stewart Gilchrist. This class is not for the faint hearted but is also open to all keen and energetic souls. Warning Yogasana had been known to cause natural highs!

More Forrest

Forrest Yoga was created by Ana T. Forrest, an american yogini in 1982 and is well known for it's high emphasis on core, the length of time held in postures and also the "standing series". When practicing Forrest you can expect some aspects of Sivananda Yoga also the attention of alignment and use of props found in Iyengar Yoga alongside the heat and flow of Ashtanga Vinyasa. This sequence teaches you to dig deep and find your inner truth, being not only a strong practice on the mat but also off the mat encouraging you to take the gift of yoga into your everyday lifestyle.
Forrest yoga is an uplifting and inspiring practice that will build flexibility, intelligence and strength to help deepen the relationship within your authentic self.
An all level practice that is also perfect for beginners.

More Slow Flow & Yoga Nidra

This class is an open level gentle flow and guided meditation. The practice will be deep and mindful, allowing all focus to be on the mastery of the breath and controlled conscious movement. Experience how slow flow and mindful yoga asana can attune you to your inner self leaving you feeling lighter, revitalised, renewed and ready for a very restorative meditation! Slow flow and yoga nidra is deeply relaxing and is the perfect way to end your week!

Restorative Recharge

Need to recharge during the day? Restore and stretch out your body & mind with a mix of restorative, strengthening and stretching. Classic Hatha Yoga with a touch of Yin and Pranayama (breathing) to refresh your midday-mind and bring positive energy through your body to recharge your day!


Based on the teachings of Sri Dharma Mittra a beloved and renowned yogi master, Dharma yoga is a strong, graceful & dynamic flow which light heartedly explores and transitions through balances, twists, gentle back bending and inversions finishing with a blissful relaxation and pranayama. This practice is literally a moving meditation that empowers the whole body on a physical, spiritual and mental level. The sequences and variations that we offer are suitable for all levels of practitioner. From beginners through to the more advanced yogi you will definitely leave feeling invigorated, refreshed and ready to embrace whatever life throws at you!!! All levels welcome. 

More Iyengar

This class incorporates B.K.S. Iyengar's methodical approach to yoga poses focusing on correct body alignment. The teacher offers detailed instruction and hands on adjustment to encourage this. Challenging postures are made accessible to everybody with the help of props including blocks, straps and bolsters. This class will encourage flexibility, good form and strength and has been known to help rehabilitate injuries.

More Candlelit Flow

Switch off from the bright lights, loud noises and distractions of the world and immerse yourself in atmospheric candlelit flow. This class offers gentle slow flow yoga and meditation in an atmospheric setting designed to calm the senses, body and mind.

Prana Vinyasa Flow

This ’Prana Vinyasa’ Flow inspired class combines elements of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga in a creative flow. The connection of breath and the movement during the sequences of postures allows energy to flow, increasing vitality and providing focus to the mind. Attention is paid to alignment and modifications are offered to suit different abilities.

The aim of the class is to cultivate inner and outer strength, fluidity and stability, balancing the ‘solar’ and the’ lunar’ aspects of Hatha Yoga. This class integrates dynamic  ‘Prana Flow Vinyasa’ sequences, restorative postures, breath-work and relaxation. Class is open for all levels.


The Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a style of yoga codified and popularized by K. Pattabhi Jois during the 20th century which is often promoted as a modern-day form of classical Indian yoga. Ashtanga means eight limbs or branches, of which asana or physical yoga posture is merely one branch, breath or pranayama is another.

MoreFitness & YogaFlow

MoreFitness & YogaFlow is a dynamic fusion of vinyasa flow yoga and fitness. The class will include HIIT training, core control and traditional yoga. This total fusion of hard core fitness and traditional yoga bridges the gap between fitness fanatics & yogi crew! Every session will end up with a well earned Savasana enabling you to float out of the studio & into a state of total wellbeing. All levels welcome. 


MoreYoga meets MoreFit. Morefitness is an energising and challenging mix of high impact cardio and strength circuit training that will use entirely your own body weight. This fitness session will be followed up with a well deserved deep stretch and a blissful relaxation period to balance out your entire being. This class has been designed to fat burn and improve endurance. It will also hit every
muscle group to tone your body and build a powerful core. Be prepared to sweat !
A topped off with a beautiful Savasana to finish. Please bring a towel
All levels welcome from beginners to utter fitness fanatics.

MoreFit Flo

Fitness yoga for those that want all the benefits of a fitness session blending with the atributes of yoga. You'll be loving it when we get to the Savasana. DoMore!

MoreYoga Express

Vinyasa flow wrapped up in 45 mins, enough time to get your yoga fix in.

Bulletproof Yoga

Bulletproof Yoga is a unique and challenging movement style that plays on familiar yoga postures in innovative ways to build strength into the joints, help prevent injury, and develop mastery of body control. Using powerful techniques based on the latest scientific research in mobility, this class will not only amp up your yoga practice, it will train you how to move through life as a safer, stronger human. This free introductory class is for intermediate/advanced practitioners with 2+ years of ongoing practice. Get ready to power up your yoga like never before! Intermediate to advanced only.

MoreVinyasa Float & Fly

Take your practice to the next level and learn to float and fly at More Yoga !!!
In this specialist class we will delve into the world of arm balances and how to get rooted through your hands rather than your feet !
Paying particular attention to the correct preparation and techniques that the body needs to understand the mechanics and leverage of arm balances and therefore how to safely incorporate them into your practice.
In this class you will learn and feel how to develop the power in your core and lightness in your body through bandhas, breath and and a lot of patience.
Expect a strong focus on handstand preparation and how to approach your mat with more grace and control.
A powerful class with some experience advised, yet all levels welcome.