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Get started with our incredible intro offer and get 2 sessions for only £50. NEW CLIENTS ONLY
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Our highly qualified staff all have years of experience at delivering results for their clients. Start today - you will not regret making the first step towards your new and improved self!

Why do PT?

Why do we fail to reach our health and fitness goals? Why is it that best laid intentions can go out the window as soon as you walk out of the studio and are left to your own devices? These are questions that are very important to address and are issues that trainers have everywhere.

Humans are generally lazy and often find it easy to take the path of least resistance. That’s where the knowledge and motivational power of our expert team comes in – making you accountable.

Why train with MoreFit?

We produce results based training programmes, tailored to your fitness goals.

Our Personal Trainers are here to work with you to get the most out of your sessions and to continue to help you reach your goals.

Our central London location is perfect to fit your sessions seamlessly into your life, creating one less barrier to getting fit!

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Flexible Pricing Options

From our intro offer, to our autopays to our Pay-As-You-Go options, our pricing is designed to get you quality training at the right price for you.

TRY US OUT! If you’re unsure personal training is for you or you want to see if you’ve connected with the right trainer our 2 sessions for £50 is a great place to start. Simply sign up and we’ll connect you with the trainer of your choice.

Commit to your training with an autopay & save

Commit to your training and get results with our 1-2-1 bespoke training packages.
The more you train, the more you save - save up to £400 over the month.

4 Sessions

£55 per session

8 Sessions

£52 per session

12 Sessions

£48 per session

16 Sessions

£45 per session

Personal Training - Pay As You Go

8 PT Sessions

£62.50 per session

12 PT Sessions

£60 per session

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