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1-2-1 Personal Training

Your Body is a Reflection of Your Lifestyle. Be Ready to Change.

Is personal training is for you?

Why do we fail to reach our health and fitness goals? Why is it that best laid intentions can go out the window as soon as you walk out the studio and are left to your own devices? These are questions that are very important to address and are issues that trainers have everywhere.

We, as humans, are generally lazy and often find it easy to take the path of least resistance. If we were to give you a paper-based program to complete it is likely that you would be motivated to do it when we gave it to you but as soon as a day or two has passed and its time to motivate yourself into action its a lot easier to just say no, take the path of least resistance and do something thats a lot easier.

Where can you train

Clients can train at Finsbury Park in North London or in St Paul’s in the City of London. Our sessions are 1 hour, however, we do run Express sessions to fit in with your busy lifestyle. Check the costs for Finsbury Park and St Paul’s.

Earn Your Body. Train with MoreFit.




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