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12 Week Bridal Body

Keep motivated. Look fit and feel like a princess on your wedding day.

Do you really want to transform your body for your wedding day?

As a bride you will be in the spotlight all day so it is important to be in the best shape possible. Keep the vision of you in your wedding dress firm in your mind as this is the biggest motivation you will need to keep you on the right path to body transformation. Some brides want to just feel fit and healthy with out too much weight loss. We will build programs that are suited to get you in the best shape of your life.

We should not forget the rest of the bridal party, MoreFit can train the bridesmaids, mothers and mother-in-laws to ensure everyone is on top form on your special day.

Overview of the program

  • Exercise program to work all muscles to ensure toned body and fast weight loss. You will need to hitting 4 hours per week strength training in the studio with a 30 min of interval training done on your own.
  • Eating plan that is based around your need to develop lean muscle mass turn your self into a calorie burning machine and have that metabolism rocketing through the roof. We will set out for you an eating schedule that will ensure that your fat burning potential is kept to an optimum through manipulating the timing of macro nutrients.
  • High quality Poliquin supplements including magnesium, zinc, omega 3, multi-vitamins and vitamin D3 are recommended for best results.

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Typical Training Plan for 12 Week Bridal Body

Consists of 2 days in a row with a rest day followed by another 2 days training.

  • MONDAY – Strength training
  • TUESDAY – Strength training with a personal trainer or online training program
  • WEDNESDAY- Rest day
  • THURSDAY- Strength training with a personal trainer or online training program
  • FRIDAY- Strength training

What results to expect from the program

  • Slim, toned body that fits into your dream dress.
  • Glowing skin, head start for the bridal makeover.
  • Energy to make the most of your big day.
  • Confidence walking down the aisle.
  • Idyllic wedding album.

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