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Running Training

No matter what fitness level you are , MoreFit will increase your stamina and running routine.

Do you want to increase your running ability?

Running is a skill and most people have not been taught how to run. Did any one ever teach you to run or modified how your run. Imagine what it would do to your efficiency to sharpen up your stride pattern, core strength and breathing style.Based on your objectives and what you are trying to achieve, we use step-by-step coaching, guidance and motivation to help you achieve your goals.

Why opt for our running coaching package

Develop your efficiency and learn new skills to maximise your times on your run. Working with our resident expert Chris McKeown for 4 sessions at St Paul’s, you can get a better picture of what needs to be done.

Check the cost of our running training packages

Overview of running coaching:

  • Eating plans
  • Goal setting
  • Stretching protocols
  • Changing your running strategy
  • 4 sessions @ £50 per session

In It For The Long Run.