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12 Week Triathlon Training

You Want to Swim, Cycle and Run. You Bring Passion, Determination and Strength.

What do you need to train for a triathlon?

Wanting to compete with the crème de la crème in the triathlon world or train up as a beginner? Chris McKeown, our ultra-endurance athlete, will prepare you for the race. Your mental and physical strength will be put to the test so sheer determination and willpower is required.

Overview of the program

  • Work with our expert, Chris McKeown who will assess your individual strength to create the right training plan. Develop your efficiency and learn new skills to maximise your times on all your disciplines.
  • Eat right, rest right, time your nutrients in the right macros and really take your abilities to the next level.
  • High quality supplements including Magnesium, Zinc, Omega 3, Multi-vitamins and Vitamin D3, Beta-Alanine are recommended for best results.

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Triathlon Training Plans

Primarily, you will be work on strength and conditioning to improve your bodies’ efficiency in every discipline. We have the tools at hand to improve your running, cycling and swimming through improved function and muscle development. Mitigation of muscles depletion is very important in triathlons.

You need to have the balance between strength and speed to get you a optimum time whilst keeping you strong enough to be able to endure the discipline. The program will depend on your ability in each area. Book a free assessment now!

One Sport is Not Enough For Triathletes. Aspire to Win.