Make Mum’s Day With These Simple But Touching Gestures

Mother’s Day is here once again, and many of us will be scrambling last minute to grab gifts and cards. But are they really that personal? Here are three no-fuss gestures you can make that will show your mama that you appreciate her.

Buy her a yoga membership

Hey, so we are a little biased here, but a membership to a yoga studio might be just what the doctor ordered. A little me time for your mum to escape from the seemingly endless woes of the kids (thanks for putting up with me, mum)! You can even go together for some quality bonding time – after all, you’re never going to be short on laughs after one of you has gone bowling over in forearm stand!

Tell her why you love her

Mums can be complicated, but chances are that if you’re reading this article, you love yours. Tell her all the reasons that you love her – and if that’s too cringeworthy face-to-face, write her a letter. It’s amazing how little we say these things to our mums, even when we call them daily to moan about the fact that the beautiful shoes you just bought have a small scuff on the inside ankle or that the girl from the floor below in your office has the same coat and it’s soooo embarrassing.

Book her in to a spa

After all, she’s been carrying the weight of all our woes on her shoulders – she needs a massage! Bonus points for booking a nutritional consulation/ayurvedic reading too. Your mum will feel fabulous and take some new knowledge away with her that will keep her feeling good in the long run. This one takes no time at all but will leave you in mum’s good books for ages.

Take the time today to let your mum know you appreciate her. If your mum isn’t around for you to pamper, write down all the fond memories you had together and set an intention to model her best qualities. To all the mums out there – you are doing an amazing job. If your little ones aren’t big enough to pamper you yet, treat yourself! You deserve it.

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5 Random Acts Of Kindness You Can Do Today

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Imagine the scene: you’ve spilt your artisan matcha latte, your on trend white converse have turned out to be a terrible choice for traversing London in the rain and the tube is rammed. Enter the kind soul who tells you that your matte lip colour totally complements your jumper. Day saved.

Friday 17th February is Random Acts of Kindness Day and believe me – you don’t have to make much effort to take part. Here are seven surefire ways to bring some good karma to the world today.

  1. Pay a stranger a compliment.

Yes, it’s embarrassing at first. But once you’ve taken the plunge and complimented someone on their impressively deep warrior stance or just on their awesome leggings, you’ll be addicted to the sudden smiles you get. You never know how someone’s day is going – you could make a whole world of difference with one small comment that’s as lovely as you are.

  1. Smile at people.

Very simple – just don’t go overboard or people with think you’re coo-coo bananas. Smiles transform both the wearer and the recipient. Who knows? Maybe that cheeky grin will open up some surprising doors for you.

  1. Ask “How are you?” and mean it.

Really listen to the answer as well! People will open up to you in ways you never thought possible and the beautiful thing is they will want to know how you are too. Let’s make small talk interesting again!

  1. Leave a love letter somewhere odd.

This one is from @sharetheloveletters over on Instagram – a beautiful idea that involves writing a nice note and then addressing it to “You. Yes, you!” (a random member of the public). The best part is that it’s anonymous, so you can be super cheesy and none of your cool cynical friends will ever know.

  1. Pay ahead for the next person.

In a coffee shop, on the bus, wherever the vendor will let you do it! You don’t need to break the bank (but if you’re paying ahead at Harrod’s, let me know) – just a simple americano will make the next person feel very special indeed.

Take your pick. The best part? You can do this any day of the week and you’ll find that good karma comes back to you in more ways that you could imagine!